Main Street Update: Thurs., August 9, 2017

Public parking is available on Brickbat Rd. and off Main Street behind the Mathews County
Visitor and Information Center.
Late last week, work shifted north of Church Street to resume completion of the drainage structures that run from Church to the Food Lion pipe running underneath Main Street. Howard Brothers crossed Main today with drain pipe and excavated for a curb drain box that will be installed in front of the Horsley Realty office. 
Tomorrow, Howard Brothers will likely begin excavating for another curb drain box and yard drain near the corner of Main & Maple. They can begin to cross Main Street towards Richardson’s, where they will build a conflict manhole out in the street to allow HRSD gravity sewer to intersect our drain pipes and still preserve functionality. Once the manhole is built, a final run of pipe will end at a drain box on Church Street. We are working with Richardson’s to preserve access to the restaurant and to coordinate timing of work, because they have their own improvements they will make to the entrance of the building.
Sidewalk and curb demolition will begin at Put-In Creek carvings, and proceed south to Richardson’s. Replacement sidewalk and curb will follow. 
Liquid has filled in all of the center block and a portion of the southern block with brick pavers. They will finish pouring the sidewalk for the rest of the southern block. 
The asphalt laid last week is not the final layer. Along much of the curb & gutter, there is a small 1-2” lip at the moment. At the end of the project, there will be a final milling and repaving to ensure a seamless transition from gutter to asphalt and to ensure proper road grade. Take care in the coming weeks to watch the small lip at the base of the gutter!
The latest schedule from Howard Brothers shows that the project will be substantially complete by September 27, with final inspections and demobilization occurring October 15. The project engineer and I were encouraged by this date, given the obstacles this project has encountered. The Market Days conflict is unfortunate, considering that substantial completion is scheduled for Sept. 27, Main Street should be in great shape for the festival on the 8th & 9th. We will work closely with the Market Days committee to minimize conflicts.
Some electrical installation will likely begin in September in front of the library so we can put in a request to Dominion to hook up power for streetlights. The manufacturer will make a visit and provide instruction to County staff on operation of the lighting system. I will request that perhaps one or two tech-savvy members from the Main Street Committee attend this demonstration so we have widespread understanding on the operation of the system. The electrician described how Hampton got a brand-new street lighting system and doesn’t know how to operate it because the one person trained to use it retired shortly after installation. We will make sure we have several trained individuals in addition to a set of written instructions. 

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